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Meet your florist

Hi! I am Odelia, the O in O Pretty Florals. I am a full-time mom with two young little ones, Leo (3.5) and Ariella (1.5).

My love for flowers started when my husband (fiancé at that time) got me flowers for the first time, which was also the first time I ever received flowers. Since we got married and have our own home, we always have fresh flowers at home. Looking at beautiful flowers always cheers me up and brightens up my day.

Putting flowers together into something beautiful is my favorite thing to do! Thank you for supporting my small business and letting me do what I love and am passionate about.


Photo Credits: Amaire & Co.

The Why

I started O Pretty Florals in the fall of 2021 wanting to offer my unique “Pretty” touch to florals. It says so in our name. Our products are thoughtful and pretty to say the least. We started the company by launching the Sweet Luxury Flower Box (locally sourced luxurious sweets embedded in beautifully designed florals). Since then, we have then extended our offerings to pairing different gifts with our florals in Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, seasonal workshops, and weddings. Thank you for purchasing from us and letting us to be a part of your special and precious moments!

Our Values

Love Local Community

Supporting local businesses is important to us. We love to showcase what our cities have to offer. Our love collaborating with local artisans and business.

When we source flowers, we also try to source from local farmers as much as possible. 

Love the earth

  • We intentionally do not put any branding on our high quality gift box so that it can be reused and regifted.

  • We understand that floral foam is not the most environmentally friendly and we always use as little as possible. Finding sustainable materials and practices in our business is our contribution towards the wellness of the earth.

Love for beauty

Every detail and element of design, from packaging to the selection of florals, are carefully and thoughtfully made to create a beautiful product that is A joy to present and A delight to receive


One of our goals is to share nature’s beauty through our designs and products. By bringing the best out of the flowers in its colors and shapes, we hope to add a piece of the nature into your home or events.

When it comes our choices of florals, our preference is to use flower in its natural form. We believe fresh flowers are best presented that way. You would rarely see tinted, sprayed, dyed, or blenched florals in our designs unless requested by our clients. We will also occasionally incorporated dried florals and silk flowers to achieve a specific look. 

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